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A typical feature is being unbreakable tike multi-wa/1 polycarbonate sheets. it has a great advantage against the glass by weight ( mm!m2 = 1,2 kgs ).

Which produced u/traviolet and without u/traviolet solid polycarbonate sheets provides a price advantage for indoor and outdoor applications. Co/d and hot bending the solid polycarbonate sheets suitable for locations where security is of primary importance is an inevitable material, has an excellent light transmission.


  • Unbreakab/e
  • Up to 92% light transmittance.
  • Suitab/e for hot and co/d bending.
  • Due to a layer of UV continuity of co/or quality.
  • Capab/e not to carry the flame.
  • Operate in temperatures from -40 up to + 115 C
  • Workability, storage, handling and ease of instal/ation.
  • Strength against natura/ conditions.


  • Strength against natura/ conditions,
  • Unbreakable
  • Capable not to carry the flam
  • Suitable for hot and cold bending

Standard Sizes



1-15- mm


Transparent, white, bronze and more


Highway sound wall

Highway sound wall

Solid color variants

Highway sound wall

Bus stops

Police shield

Police shield


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