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Hollow polycarbonate is also often named as a structural polycarbonate, cellular polycarbonate, channel polycarbonate or multiwall polycarbonate.

The definition «cellular» is used due to its special internal structure. Air, which is present in the space (cells) between the dividing walls inside of the polycarbonate sheet (called chambers), provides a thermal insulation properties, and the existing stiffeners (dividers), ensure a great structural rigidness and flexibility of polycarbonate sheet at the same time.

Polycarbonate Hollow sheets offer the higher level of glazing performance where transparency along with high impact strength is of vital importance. They have excellent physical, mechanical, electric as well as hot property which explains their high reputation in buildings and decoration industry. They are sold all over the world, making great contributions to consumer's beautiful life. Their versatility makes them the ideal choice for glazing in hospitals, schools, sporting areas and public infrastructure projects. They are available in transparent & textured finishes

Tehnical Details

Polycarbonate is a unique engineering thermoplastic which combines a high level of mechanical, optical and thermal properties. The versatility of ths material makes it suitable for many engineering applications. When extruded in multi-wall sheet form, its optical and impact properties in particular render this material an ideal candidate for a wide range of roofing and glazing applications.


  • Sunshades for stadiums and bus shelters
  • Lighting for corridors, passages and subway entries
  • Bank ATMs
  • Sound and heat insulation for constructions such as: houses
  • Canopies for agricultures greenhouses, zoos
  • PC sheets mainly used for building and decorating materials , greenhouse materials , and the block of insulation materials
  • Wall and roof of greenhouse , department stores , exhibition centers , telephone booth , insulation shield in express ways & highways
  • Office buildings, hotels, villas, stadiums, schools, bus stop, terminals, hospitals, subway entry and exit doors

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